The Code and Key Escape Rooms
Bloomington, Indiana

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Everything you ever wanted to know. In detail. 


how do i book an escape room experience?

Go to our bookings page and select the room, date, and time you wish to play. Our rooms are designed for private bookings only, and at least three players must sign up at the same time. If you have additional folks who wish to join your game later they can pay when they arrive for the game. 

How much do the escape rooms cost?

Our escape rooms are $24 per person. Kids age 10 and under play for free. We highly encourage families to play together with younger kids!

What Can I expect in My Escape Room experience?

Fun, fun, and more fun. Also puzzles! Our escape rooms are designed to entertain, engage, and challenge you to think outside the box. 

When you enter an escape room for the first time it's best to start by observing the room and searching for items that looks like clues or puzzles, such as a locked box, something out of place, an unusual note, etc. Then begin looking to see what items might go together. You'll be most successful if you constantly communicate with the other members of your group and share what you find. 

Want to know more? Check out this introductory video put together by PIN Escape Rooms from Belgrade, Serbia. 


Do I have to know a lot about puzzles to enjoy an escape room?

Not at all! You don't need any outside or specialized knowledge to enjoy our escape room experiences. We don't ask any trivia-type questions or require advanced math skills. Our escape rooms are designed to include a wide variety of types of puzzles and challenges, all of which can be solved using basic logic and items in the room. 

I’m claustrophobic! Can I still play an escape room?

Definitely! We do not lock you in to our escape rooms. Our escape rooms are mission-based so you have a goal you are trying to complete within an hour instead of trying to “escape.” We allow players to leave the rooms and return for any reason throughout the game. If you still feel anxious in a window-less room we are happy to let you take a look first or make other adjustments. Also, in many peoples’ experience, you become engrossed in the game very quickly and rarely think about being “locked in.”

Are the escape rooms accessible?

Completely! Our rooms are designed to accommodate folks in wheelchairs or mobility scooters, as well as strollers. Each room has space to navigate and does not require any heavy physical activity. Some clues in each room may involve reaching or bending, but most clues are accessible to seated guests. Each room also includes more than one chair, to accommodate any guests who would like to sit during the hour. We do not include any puzzles that require distinguishing different colors in order to fully welcome our color-blind guests.

We are also happy to make accommodations for anyone with anxiety or sensory issues. We can adjust the volume of the music in the room, moderate the tone of our gamemasters and the intensity of the clues, or allow guests to view the rooms in a controlled way before playing. Please let us know if we can set up anything to help your group enjoy the experience to the fullest!

Where can we park?

Over the next year, the 4th Street Parking Garage (located directly behind Fountain Square and the escape room) will be closed for repairs so we recommend parking in a metered spot on the downtown square. Metered parking is $1.00 per hour and free on Sundays. There are two other city parking garages located two to three blocks away.

Do I need to bring anything?

Nope! Just your sense of fun and adventure! We can safely hold coats, bags, phones, and other personal items so they don't distract from your experience, or you can place them in the provided bin inside the room. We allow phones in our rooms - although they won’t help you solve any clues!

why is there a limit on the number of people for each room?

Each room is designed with a certain number of puzzles and challenges. A larger number of people may not have enough to do in the room, while a smaller number of people may not be able to complete all the puzzles within the hour. We've designed our rooms specifically for 4 to 6 players because we think this is "just right" for the best escape room experience. However, if your group is excited to play our rooms with more or less players then we'll be glad to have you - we allow online bookings for 3 to 8 players!

IS there an Age Limit for Your Escape Rooms?

Yes and no. Our rooms do not contain any scary/horror features or inappropriate material and are suitable for all ages. However, the escape rooms are designed for the logic and problem-solving abilities of adults and children may not be able to make all the connections necessary to solve every puzzle. Consequently, children ages 10 and under are welcome to join their families for free, while children ages 11 and older will be charged full price.

We love multi-generational escape room groups because everyone has something unique to offer. It is a great way to get to know family and friends in new ways!

Will I be Playing with strangers?

No. We only offer private bookings, with a minimum of 3 players. Most escape rooms in America offer public bookings, which means other people can sign up to fill additional slots in your room if they are available. However, at The Code and Key we feel that playing with friends, family, or coworkers is the optimal escape room experience. 

What if I want to play with only 2 people?

No problem! However, our rooms are designed for groups of up to 8 people, so there are A LOT of puzzles to work on during the hour. It can be extra challenging for groups of 2 people to get through all the puzzles in on hour - particularly if this is your first escape room. If you are excited to try the challenge of playing as a duo then we are excited to have you! Please call or email us to book a group of 2 people.  

I still have a ton of questions!

No problem! Give us a call at 812-214-1497 during our business hours or email the We'd love to help you book an escape room experience, set up a corporate experience or celebration event, or answer any other questions!