The Code and Key Escape Rooms
Bloomington, Indiana

Mobile Puzzle Games

More puzzles! More fun!

Mobile Puzzle Games

Let us bring puzzles to you! Check out our three mobile puzzle game options - perfect for team-building, wedding receptions, company parties, festivals, open houses, and much more.

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Pop-Up escape room

After years of searching you have finally made it to the heart of the Crimson Crater volcano, but you only have 15 minutes until the volcano blows! Can you find the coveted Cream Crystal before you explode? But be careful - the floor is lava!

Rent our pop-up escape room for your large indoor or outdoor event.

escape rooms Bloomington, IN downtown Bloomington team-building family fun puzzle box

Puzzle Games

Match wits with the villains from “The Canine Caper” or “The Silver Spoon Caper” to uncover their identities and the object of their nefarious schemes.

Rent our paper-based tabletop puzzle games for your next team-building day, birthday party, or holiday gathering.

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Puzzle Boxes

Our puzzle boxes add a fun and engaging twist to any informal event. Perfect for wedding receptions, parties, happy hours, welcome receptions, or open houses, the three different puzzle boxes are a great conversation starter and entertainment option.

Rent our three puzzle boxes to keep your crowd happy!