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Puzzle Games

The game is afoot!

Puzzle Games

Gather your co-workers, teammates, or friends and work together to match wits with the clever (and sometimes silly) villains of The Silver Spoon Caper and The Canine Caper. Can your group decipher the clues and solve the puzzles to stop the next heist?

Our puzzle games are perfect for team-building events, company parties, or student bonding events. Each puzzle game is an hour experience: with introductions, a 40-minute puzzle game, and the final puzzle challenge. Our puzzle games are paper-based table-top puzzle experiences that can be set-up in any location, such as conference rooms, gyms, offices, event venues, or convention centers. Each game is best enjoyed in groups of 3-5. Our puzzle games are scalable and can be delivered to groups up to 200+.

Interested in playing our puzzle games in-house for a birthday party, bachelor/ette party, or family event? Call us at 812-214-1497 to set up a puzzle game for up to 12 people in our lobby.

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The Silver Spoon caper

It’s a dark and stormy night, and as the city’s most experienced private eyes it’s your job to keep the city safe and the streets clean. But then your confidential informant overhears something at the Silver Spoon Speakeasy - a major heist is being planned at one of the city's foremost businesses! Make sense of all the whispers on the street to identify the criminal masterminds and identify which target they are about to hit.


To book our pop-up escape room, please contact us via phone at 812-214-1497 or email at We would love to help you create your ideal event.


The Canine Caper

The Queen of England has traveled to Bloomington to judge a dog show, but you’ve just received word of a secret plan to steal the crown jewels while she is busy playing with puppies and handing out trophies! It’s up to you to find the clues, solve the challenges, and save the jewels.


Set-up: $100, plus $5 per person

The cost of the puzzle games includes all set-up and tear-down, as well as staffing throughout the event.