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Puzzle Boxes

Puzzle Boxes. 

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The Code and Key puzzle boxes are the perfect complement for an escape room business, an effective way to engage new potential customers, and an opportunity for players to discover a love of puzzles. Puzzle boxes are available to any business interested in providing engaging, interactive, and collaborative fun for patrons.

puzzle boxes team-building family fun downtown Bloomington Indiana

Puzzle box 01 "The big one"

Difficulty Level: Medium

Average Time to Play: 10 minutes

Fun Factor: I'm Hooked!

Price: $1,600 (shipping included)

IMG_20180713_163531 (1).jpg

puzzle box 02 "the little guy"

Difficulty Level: Easy

Average Time to Play: 5 minutes

Fun Factor: Sweeeeeet!

Price: $900 (shipping included)

puzzle boxes escape rooms downtown Bloomington Indiana family fun team-building

puzzle box 03 "triangle twist"

Difficulty Level: Easy

Average Time to Play: 5 minutes

Fun Factor: Yes! (Fist pump.)

Price: $700 (shipping included)


To order a puzzle box or see videos of each box being played, please contact us at or (812) 214-1497.


What Are These Puzzle Boxes?

"The Little Guy" at a local park event. Easy to set up and intriguing to passersby!

"The Little Guy" at a local park event. Easy to set up and intriguing to passersby!

Our puzzle boxes are designed to introduce customers to “escape room thinking,” with tasks and puzzles that echo the types of puzzles typically found in escape rooms. These puzzles include pattern-matching, close observation, shift-in-perspective (or out-of-the-box) thinking, physical manipulation, searching, collaboration, and code deciphering. The boxes provide a low-commitment and non-threatening introduction for people who 1) do not know about escape rooms, 2) feel nervous about trying a 60-minute escape room, or 3) are not sure they would enjoy a puzzle-based experience. The puzzle boxes allow customers and potential customers to explore puzzles individually or in small groups and to gain confidence about their ability to solve puzzles, work together, and navigate new experiences. Puzzle boxes are also perfect experiences for children because they encourage physical touch, require communication and collaboration, and are shorter than a full escape room experience.

Our puzzle boxes are 100% mechanical, which means they are 100% autonomous. The boxes can be taken to, set up, and solved in any location with no need for electricity, batteries, or other forms of power. They are the perfect puzzle for outdoor street fairs, festivals, county/state fairs, community events, conventions, farmer’s markets, receptions or happy hours, and other outdoor or last-minute events.

Each puzzle box is carefully crafted and built by hand. This means that each puzzle box will be unique, with its own wood grain and stain pattern. In addition, each box is fully customizable with your business logo for an additional fee. 


What Can I Do with a Puzzle Box?

We use our puzzle boxes for three main activities - but the possibilities are endless!

Lobby Games

Other Ways to Use a Puzzle Box.png

The puzzle boxes offers an ideal activity for customers waiting to begin their escape room experience. Part of the group can complete each box while waiting for others to arrive or use the restroom. It’s a great “warm-up” for an escape room and provides an interesting talking point to get groups excited and ready to play.


Puzzle boxes offer a unique and exciting marketing tool to introduce potential customers to the excitement and thrill of puzzle-based games and escape rooms. The puzzle box is both low-commitment (10 minutes or less) and non-threatening (no timers, beeping, or flashing lights) and encourages players to explore and experiment with a physical object. It’s intriguing to children and adults alike and piques the interest of people walking by your front window, booth, or exhibit, whether you are inside at a business expo or outside at a street fair.

This introduction to puzzle-based games gives potential customers the confidence that they can solve puzzles and decipher clues and codes on their own or with their group. In our experience, the puzzle box gives customers a strong positive impression of escape rooms and can increase their interest in booking a room, remembering your business, and telling other people about their experience.

Portable Puzzle Events

Renting puzzle boxes as a party or reception activity can be an interesting, portable, and profitable side business for an escape room. Puzzle boxes are ideal for any event with an informal socializing component, such as a business meet-and-greet, happy hour, wedding reception, street fair, school open house, birthday/graduation/retirement party, university recruitment event, or community celebration. Puzzle boxes require minimal set-up and provide an informal, non-intrusive, interactive, and engaging game that adds interest and pizzaz to any occasion.