The Code and Key Escape Rooms
Bloomington, Indiana

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Which adventure will you try first?  


The Stolen Artifact

There's more than sand in that tent...

No. of Players: recommended 4-6

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

price: $24/person

This room is wheelchair accessible, although some clues may involve reaching or bending. 

The Stolen Artifact

After an evening of celebrating the greatest archaeological find of your life (perhaps a little too loudly), you return to your tent to find that the precious statue of the pharaoh's favorite cat is gone! You know it must be the group of rival archaeologists in the next valley - they have a reputation for sticky fingers and no conscience. A member of the rival group has turned spy and given you a few clues to help locate the stolen statue. Armed with your wits and your swagger, you have to sneak into the rival camp, find your statue, and get out fast. You only have 60 minutes until they return!



The Omega Code

It's top secret. So of course everyone knows about it...

The Omega Code

Professor Arken has been working on solving the Omega code for years. Finally, with the whole world watching, he solved it! Then he promptly disappeared. He took the solution with him but left the encryption key in a confidential file in his office. Your black ops team of secret agents (known only as U61) has been tasked with finding the professor and the encryption key - ASAP! The government desperately wants to find him...but so does everybody else! Your team is up against the FBI and a slew of black market hackers. Was the professor kidnapped for his encryption by one of these groups - or did he disappear of his own volition? Your team has 60 minutes to get in, find the file, search for clues to the professor's whereabouts, and get out - before another spy agency catches you in the act!

No. of Players: Recommended 4-6

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Price: $24/person

This room is fully wheelchair accessible, although some clues may involve reaching and/or bending. 


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escape rooms Bloomington IN code and key team-building group events family fun downtown Bloomington