The Code and Key Escape Rooms
Bloomington, Indiana


Grow your team. Together.

Experience team-building like never before!

Build connections and communication between team members and co-workers while having an unforgettable time! Escape rooms are perfect for team-building and team-bonding events because they require groups to work together, communicate clearly, share insights, solve many different kinds of problems, strategize, make connections, think outside the box, and challenge and encourage one another. Come for an hour of fun in the escape room, or try one of our team-building packages! The Code and Key Escape Rooms partners with local team-building company Success Work! to offer in-depth team-building assessments and workshops. Your group is welcome to bring or cater food and beverages, and all team-building packages include exclusive use of The Code and Key Escape Rooms lobby. 

To book a team-building event, please call The Code and Key Escape Rooms at 812-214-1497. Team-building packages are regularly scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays (9am-1pm) and Wednesday (1-5pm), but we are willing to work to create a team-building event that works well for your group! For questions regarding team-building or creativity workshops and activities, please contact Ladi Terry, 812-219-4493.

Level One - Creative PRoblem Solving

Finding clues and solving problems tell us a lot we need to know about ourselves. Understanding our limitations gives us the keys to our own future success. Creative Problem Solving (CPS) is the code you need to solve the problems of today and navigate your tomorrows. 



  • Online FourSight assessment with accompanying tutorial - identify the creative thinking styles of all your team members (Clarifier, Ideator, Developer, or Implementer?)
  • Escape room experience (minimum of four participants)
  • Debrief and introduction to the Creative Problem Solving Process 

Cost - $90 per participant

Length - 4 hours

Level Two - Skill Development

Take your team-building to the next level! After completing the Level One - Creative Problem Solving workshop, bring your group back to try a second escape room and target specific issues to work on developing in your team. Armed with your FourSight styles, your group will be ready to jump in and tackle advanced team-building growth!

Cost - $90 per participant

Length - 4 hours



  • Escape room experience (minimum of four participants)
  • Debrief and introduction to team engagement concepts
  • Group problem-solving session with video vignettes using Breakthrough Thinking Tools 



  • Escape room experience (minimum of four participants)
  • Exercises provide basic leadership concepts required for organizational engagement and innovation
  • Learn Leadership Competencies, Power of Engagement Model (POEM) & Interactive Vignette Videos